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Devlin ~ Energy Alchemist

Alchemy is the art and science of transformation. 

As an Energy Alchemist, I transform one's stress into relaxation, pain into peace, and over-thinking into calm by integrating modern and ancient healing methods.

Are you..

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself and others?

  • Struggling with feelings of worry, anxiety or depression?

  • Suffering with chronic pain?

Did you know that energy healing is proven to be effective for all the above?
Both ancient and modern healing methods, such as Reiki, have many beneficial effects that can last long after the initial session. Truly an effective tool for relaxation, peace of mind and pain relief!
Are you...

  • Ready for transformation?

  • Ready for a fuller life?

  • Ready for a positive mindset?

Book a session today!

Services and Events

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60 min Session $70

A gentle healing of the energy body. Can be performed in-person or virtually via zoom.


Reiki can be performed either with hands on body or hovering slightly above. This is a gentle healing where universal life force energy is directed to parts of the body where energy may be blocked or stagnant. The treatment leaves patients feeling relaxed and renewed. On a cellular level, Reiki can produce subtle transformations that happen in the background even after the session ends. Just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to a clients’ health and happiness.


A 60-minute session is booked, however the session will end organically which may result in a shorter session. To be respectful of time constraints, I will avoid going over the scheduled time period.


Mystic Moon

The full moon is a time to practice forgiveness, release what no longer serves you and express your gratitude. 


Join us for an evening of guided meditation, journaling/sketching and a releasing ceremony to let go of what holds us back and to call in what we wish to draw into our lives.

Janet O

This was my first Reiki session and I absolutely loved it! I was not sure what to expect, but Devlin was great at explaining the process and making me feel at ease. To my surprise, I felt energy moving through my body. The experience was very relaxing and I felt rejuvenated.

Beatrice K

Devlin is a gifted healer. I felt very at ease in my sessions with her. I have worked with many healers and she truly creates a safe environment without judgement, which is so important. For the first time in my life I could actually feel the distance reiki in a tangible way, which blew me away! I would absolutely recommend Devlin to my friends and family and plan to come back for more sessions.

Julie A

A session with Devlin is powerful transformative work!

I have had other Reiki sessions before, but I never really felt much. So I was kind of skeptical when I first saw Devlin. Within minutes my skepticism melted away and was replaced with waves of warmth and calm vibrations. Each session has given me a greater sense of clarity and peace. 

Image by Bruno Melo

Contact Me

(781) 731-1945    

Arlington, MA 02476

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