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Answers to a few common questions

What is Reiki energy healing?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that leaves people feeling relaxed and renewed. It used to heal chronic pain, emotional trauma, and balance mind and body. 

Reiki healing was developed by former Buddhist Mikao Usui. Rei meaning “universal life” and Ki meaning “energy” is the universal life force energy that surrounds all living beings.

Performed with hands on or hovering slightly above the body, the practitioner taps into divine life force energy to allow a steady flow of positive energy to circulate enabling your body to heal itself.

What to expect

As an intuitive energy practitioner, I integrate various modalities based on what intuitive information I receive during the session. In general, I almost always start with Reiki, which is a gentle Japanese healing technique used for relaxation and pain relief. The Reiki energy helps calm the mind and brings a feeling of peace. This helps the body open up to allow its own energy to flow and stimulates self-healing. 


Based on my intuition, I may incorporate Chakra clearing to free up clogged energies allowing energy to circulate in certain energy centers within the body. Depending on the Chakra, energy clogs can result in feelings of sadness, anger, over thinking and indecision.


In some cases I may receive information that one will need Shamanic work, in which case I will incorporate one or more Neo-Shamanic practices of Soul Retrieval, animal guide messages, or energy intrusion removal and or Shamanic Light healing.


In all cases, the work can be performed with hands on the body or hovering slightly above if in person. In-person sessions, however, are not always necessary as the healing energy can pass through space and time to the person even if in another part of the world.

Although sessions are booked for 60 minutes, they are real time and free flowing and will end organically. This may mean your session will end prior to the 60 minutes, however I avoid running over in an effort to respect time constraints.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Contrary to what some believe, Shamanic healing is not a religion, nor does it involve psychedelic plant or Ayahuasca ceremonies.


Neo-Shamanism is a spiritual practice, much like yoga or meditation, to help you live in harmony with the natural world. It is based on common agreements evolved from ancient cultures and forms a framework for which to put it in to practice.


During Shamanic healing, the practitioner enters a state of deep meditation to connect with non-ordinary reality in order to access wisdom and spiritual information for the clients well being. 

 It may also involve healing rituals such as connecting with the spirit world to bring back a soul part that may have left due to any number of reasons.

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