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Blessing the Land

The land I live on has always felt a little tired and neglected. The property has been a rental for many years now so it has not always received the love and care it deserves.

Over the years that I have lived here I have tried cleaning it up and gardening, but that can be challenging when it is not your own to do with as you please. There is one particular section that I suspect is an old dumping ground. Every time I turn the soil I find bits of broken glass bottles, shards of pottery, nails and, old pieces of plastic toys. Nothing really has flourished in this spot as it is very compact and rocky.

This year however, I seemed to have cracked the code. My daughter and I scattered wild flower seeds and they seem to have taken very well. This has added to the life in the garden as we now have many bees, birds, insects, butterflies and some rabbits that all live and feed together. My feeling is that the spirit if this land wants to hold on to its wildness. It does not care for the manicured lawn and tamed landscape. It wants to be cared for, but free.

I did journey to the spirit of the land to ask what it needed and how I could help it. I was guided to set out an offering bowl. I spent a lot of time dwelling on this of course, "What type of bowl? Should it be elaborate or homemade?". In the end it just felt right to stack some rocks and place a small ceramic bowl on it to place my offerings.

Now, most days, I come out in the mornings to light incense and place a small amount of dried flowers and cacao nibs or carob pods in the bowl. I then bless the directions and the spirit of this land. It is a great way to start the day!

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