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Sitting with Stillness

Sitting with Stillness


I have been thinking about stillness lately. So many people, especially in this age of electronics, do not make time for stillness. Stillness, for me, is the time to sit with one’s thoughts and contemplate. Contemplation is a special state of consciousness where one can tap into thoughts and let them flow freely, letting imagination take root.  I often find that when I am in a state of contemplation that I can connect to my inner wisdom, sometimes deep inner knowing that feels passed down through time.


Unfortunately, our culture does not value sitting quietly with our thoughts. Sitting quietly without a phone or a book in one’s hand is equated with slacking or laziness. We pressure ourselves to be productive, to be busy. Not all productivity requires action though.  It is in contemplation that we often find solutions to problems or reach epiphanies that by themselves are highly productive.


So, during this holiday season which is often filled with hustle and bustle, remember to make time for stillness.

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